VICTORY! University Of Queensland Ends Terminal Experiments on Animals

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

After ongoing campaigns by our affiliate PETA Asia-Pacific and other groups in Australia, the University of Queensland has confirmed that they have ceased using dogs from local pounds for terminal procedures at their facility.


Image credit: PETA US

Previously, the University of Queensland had been using unclaimed animals from municipal animal shelters for veterinary students to practice surgery skills on, before finally euthanising these animals. Following pressure from animal rights campaigners and the general public, the university has now complied with recommendations from the Animal Welfare Advisory Committee and no longer performs unnecessary surgical procedures on animals. The university instead finds new homes for all shelter animals who are treated by the students in the school’s rehabilitation program.

In addition to desexing animals, veterinary students at the University of Queensland now also work on cadavers as well as on inanimate teaching aids as part of their practical training.

This is a great victory not only for the groups who have worked hard to protect these animals but also for the dogs themselves, who are now given a second chance at a happy home through the university’s “Pets for Life” program.

Posted by Ashley Fruno