6,000 Speak Out Against Queensland Feedlot Plans

Australians don’t want to see cows languishing in crowded, filthy enclosures, only to be slaughtered for beef: that’s the message 6,227 PETA supporters sent to Balonne Shire Council when we submitted our petition opposing plans for a proposed feedlot near St George in Queensland.

If approved, this operation would imprison up to 60,000 animals at any one time – up to 50,000 cows and 10,000 sheep, all of them spending the final months of their lives in small faeces-filled yards to be fattened before slaughter.

Such filthy, crowded conditions are terrible for animals and create massive pollution problems for the local environment, which, in this case, includes the Moonie River.

Cows and sheep are curious, playful animals who love to frolic in grass, not “products” to be fattened in muddy pens for profit.

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