Taxpayers Object to Seeing $40 Million Splashed on Dog Deaths 

In response to plans submitted by Racing Queensland for a new greyhound racetrack in Ipswich, 5,000 PETA supporters have signed a petition calling on Queensland planning minister Steven Miles to reject the application.

If greenlit, nearly $40 million of taxpayers’ money will be poured into the project to prop up greyhound racing in the state – an industry which has been shown time and time again to injure and kill dogs, increase the number of homeless animals, and exacerbate problem gambling.

In Queensland alone, 25 greyhounds died and another 1,436 were injured on racetracks last year, not including dogs who were killed or injured during training or transport.

It’s crystal clear from the thousands of objections: taxpayers simply don’t want to foot the bill for cruelty to animals. 

This petition has now been closed, ready to hand in to the government. If you’d like to stay up to date on this issue, please sign up to our e-news:

a greyhound in a kennel


Jo-Anne McArthur We Animals