Consultation: Phase Out Live Export of Sheep and All Other Animals

This action is now closed. You can still call on the Minister for Agriculture to phase out all live exports directly here:


Australia is finally making progress towards ending the live export of sheep, and the public is invited to provide feedback on plans. The deadline for submissions is 10 pm AEST on Wednesday, 31 May 2023. Have your say now:

Consistently since the first investigations into Australia’s live-export industry, Australians (and people worldwide) have borne witness to the suffering and deaths of sheep aboard ships. Our country should have no part in continuing this trade.

In your comments to the government, include a reminder that ending the live export of sheep is long overdue. Tens of thousands of sheep have already died aboard ships, and many more will be subjected to suffering, abuse, pain, and potentially horrendous deaths the longer this trade is permitted to continue. The government made a commitment, supported by the majority of Australians, to end the live export of sheep – which it must now fulfil.

New Zealand’s landmark ban proves that ending this trade without delay is possible, and past investigations and reviews indicate that a swift shutdown is necessary to prevent the prolonged suffering of animals. Urge Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and the Labor government to set Australia down a kinder path by ending the live export of sheep during this elected term and working towards a future without any live-animal export.

What About Cattle?

Of course, sheep are not the only victims of this cruel trade. A 2021 PETA Asia investigation in Indonesia found Australian cattle being improperly stunned and killed in painful, abhorrent ways. The footage shows that despite a government assurance scheme, cruelty is systemic in the industry.

In your comments, remind the government cattle should also be included in its plans.

Cruelty is found in every corner of the live-export industry, and although the Exporter Supply Chain Assurance System was put in place more than a decade ago, exporters and abattoirs still either don’t understand the regulations or don’t care about following them because there are no meaningful consequences for non-compliance.


Share your comments and let the government know that you support ending the live export of sheep and all other animals. Make your submission before 10 pm AEST on 31 May 2023.

Animals transported by sea from Australia to the middle east.

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