Topshop Bans Fur, Mohair, and Exotic Skins – Why Not Wool, Too?

Topshop is famed for its cutting-edge faux furs, imitation exotic skins, and vast range of vegan knitwear. Its owner – Arcadia Group – was also the first company to ban mohair following PETA’s recent exposé of angora goat farms in South Africa. The brand’s progressive stance on animal-friendly fashion has spared the lives of countless foxes, rabbits, goats, and alligators and won it legions of compassionate fans around the world.

Now, the fashion-forward retailer is learning why there’s no place on its hangers or shelves for another animal-derived material: sheep’s wool. PETA’s eyewitness exposés have shown that the suffering endured by sheep for wool is every bit as horrific as that experienced by animals in the mohair, angora, and fur industries. Animals should never be abused for fashion, and it’s time that Topshop took the bold, compassionate, and logical next step of becoming the first major British retailer to swear off all wool!

Recent in-depth fashion-industry studies have revealed that not only is its production cruel to animals but sheep’s wool is also one of the most environmentally damaging animal-derived materials.The wool industry is harmful at every stage of production – from breeding sheep to moth-proofing garments.

So Why Is Topshop Still Selling Wool?

That’s the question that you – Topshop’s animal-loving fashion fans – keep asking PETA every time a wool-industry exposé reveals the horrific suffering of sheep and lambs. The retailer has told us that it uses very little wool and is currently considering whether to use any in future collections. Your responses to our angora and mohair exposés have helped spare millions of rabbits and goats extreme suffering – and now, we need you to take a stand and speak out for sheep, too. Please send a message to Topshop’s Customer Care Team to let it know that you want the brand to go 100 per cent wool-free!

This action is closed pending discussions with Topshop. Please stay tuned.