Videos That Will Change The Way You Think About Wool

Shocking exposés by PETA and its international affiliates have shown the world that sheep suffer terribly when they’re used for “fashion.” 
No matter the farm, no matter the continent—when we’ve gone into shearing sheds, we’ve found that sheep are abused (and eventually killed) for their wool.

The disturbing eyewitness video footage—gathered in 116 wool operations on four continents—is impossible to deny and reveals that workers in the global wool industry beat, stomped on, kicked, mutilated, and threw terrified, gentle sheep.

This abuse is sewn into the wool coats, hats, socks, and other garments hanging in stores everywhere.

Don’t believe it?

Watch the videos below.


Terrified lambs were mutilated in assembly-line fashion, and frightened sheep were struck in the face with sharp metal clippers.

Abuse has been documented at more than 40 farms and shearing sheds in Australia.

United Kingdom

Sheep are violently punched in the face, their heads are slammed into the floor, and they’re beaten, kicked, and thrown off shearing trailers.

Abuse has been documented at 49 UK farms and shearing sheds.

 United States

Heavily pregnant sheep were whipped and left with bloody wounds.

Abuse has been documented at 16 US farms and shearing sheds.


Sheep were mutilated and then skinned – sometimes while still alive.


Sheep were hit with electric clippers, slammed into the floor, and kicked.

Abuse has been documented at six farms and shearing sheds in Argentina.

Take Action Now!

No matter where it originates, wool is the product of a cruel industry. The best way to help sheep like those seen in these videos is not to buy wool.

It’s easy to check labels when you’re shopping. If they say “Wool,” leave the items on the shelf.

Join us in asking Forever21 to do the right thing by pulling all wool items off their shelves, and be sure to share this page with your friends and family on social media. Let them know that wool—like fur, leather, down, and all animal-derived fabrics—is cruel.