Wardrobe Envy: Australia’s Best-Dressed Vegan Revealed

After scouring the country for fashionistas who are as compassionate as they are stylish, PETA has crowned Australia’s Best-Dressed Vegan of 2017.

Perth entrepreneur Kahla Dowler received the honour for her impressive array of sophisticated outfits – which are completely free of animal-derived materials.

At 23 years old, she’s passionate about staying on trend without harming a hair on a single animal’s head.

And she’s not the only person whose style is compassionate chic. Last year, she launched her own online store, Kahla & Eco Vegan Boutique, which ships elegant outfits free of angora, fur, leather, silk, and wool to customers in Australia and around the world.

Why wear animals when you can look classy, chic and kind to animals in vegan fashion? 💕 new bag available ! #veganfashion

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“Fashion is about more than just looking good – it’s a statement about who we are. And I chose vegan fabrics because I love animals”, she says. “I love helping other women make more compassionate choices for their wardrobes.”

Her on-trend outfits show that dressing to the nines without hurting animals has never been easier.

“When I saw for myself that animals – not very different from our dogs and cats – are being tortured and killed needlessly for fashion, I told myself that this is my purpose in life, to help put a stop to it”, she adds. “I feel good every day knowing I am part of this positive shift in the fashion industry.”

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So what are her predictions for fashion trends in 2017?

“Vegan fashion is the way of the future, and we’re going to be seeing a lot more faux fur and vegan leather this year”, she notes. “I love brands like Stella McCartney, but also discovering unique pieces in op shops. At the moment I am loving minimalist styling using colours like dove grey and nude with a touch of gold accessories.”

We encourage fashionistas everywhere to take a leaf out of Kahla’s lookbook and choose beautiful, compassionate designs for which animals aren’t killed.