Australia’s Best Vegan Doughnuts

Here at PETA, we know a thing or two about doughnuts, so in celebration of National Doughnut Day on 1 June, we’ve rounded up the holey grail of vegan doughnuts from around Australia.

Not only are vegan doughnuts delicious, they also spare animals suffering in the egg and dairy industries. A treat that’s sweet to animals is the best of all!


  • Mister Nice Guy’s BakeShop

    You’ll want to arrive at Mister Nice Guy’s in Melbourne with an empty stomach. It’s got all the doughnuts Homer Simpson could ever dream of and more.

  • Cakeboy Donuts

    Home of our favourite, the Tim Tam Slam, this Adelaide bakery is entirely vegan. With doughnut flavours like Peppermint Slice, Cookies & Creme, and Peanut Butter Pretzel, the options are almost daunting, so keep calm and order one of everything.

  • Flour of Life Bakery

    People come from far and wide to experience the doughnuts at the Flour of Life Bakery in Helensvale. With offerings such as marshmallow and sparkly glazed Galaxy doughnuts, this hangout delivers exceptional flavour with zero cruelty.

  • Claire’s Cupcakes

    Nestled in Newcastle, Claire’s Cupcakes offers goodies as decadent as they are delicious. This 100 per cent vegan bakery has a variety of fried doughnuts, including an iced banana ring as well as Jam Filled, Mint Chocolate, and Cookies & Cream options, but our pick of the bunch is the Red Velvet With Cream Cheese Frosting.

  • Bistro Morgan

    Bistro Morgan is the brainchild of 17-year-old Morgan Hipworth, otherwise known as “Melbourne’s doughnut king”. Cruelty-free options such as the Strawberry Oreo Kiss and The Homer along with a classic strawberry glaze are among the Bistro’s crown jewels.

  • San Churro

    Dessert chain San Churro recently launched a vegan menu across its 52 locations that includes the seriously mouth-watering Happy Vegan – a bowl made with its signature vegan churros, filled with vegan salted caramel and honeycomb gelato, drizzled with dark chocolate, and topped with strawberries and smashed Oreos.

  • Kissing Chickens

    Northern Queensland is where you’ll find this vegan bakery’s dreamy, creamy vanilla-custard doughnuts. The establishment will soon be offering a number of other flavours, including raspberry and cinnamon.

  • Rhubarb Bakes

    There’s something for all tastes at this slice of heaven in Newtown. For something different, try the glazed passionfruit – it’s like a doughnutty vanilla slice.

  • Donut Empire

    Vegan doughnuts are a recent addition to Donut Empire’s repertoire, but with options such as Cinny Red Velvet Donuts and Vanilla Donut Rings topped with dairy-free “Nice Cream”, these guys are already making a name for themselves.


We’ve only just glazed the surface with this list. If this post made your mouth water, doughnut forget to grab your free vegan starter kit for more delicious cruelty-free food ideas!

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