The Iconic Takes A Stand Against Fur And Angora

The Iconic is standing up for animals and recognising that today’s kind shoppers want nothing to do with the fur industry. They have now joined other top Australian retailers – including Myer, David Jones, Big W, Target and Kmart – in becoming 100 per cent fur and angora-free!

This winter has been a momentous one for the online juggernaut, as it has officially joined our growing list of fur and angora-free Australian retailers and designers.

The popular e-tailer – which stocks more than 700 brands and features a variety of cruelty-free faux fur – lets us shop with confidence in the knowledge that no rabbit endured the torture of having their fur ripped out in clumps, and no other animals were electrocuted, gassed or poisoned before being skinned alive for their pelts.

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Rabbits on angora-wool farms spend their lives confined to filthy, barren wire cages that harm their sensitive feet. Workers tightly tether their legs before yanking their fur out. Fur farmers often use the cheapest and cruellest killing methods available, including suffocation, electrocution, gassing and poisoning. These methods are commonly ineffective and cause many animals to have their skin ripped from their bodies while they are still conscious. More importantly, of course, fur belongs on the bodies of rabbits, coyotes, raccoons, and other animals – it is stolen, no matter the origin. Thankfully, forward-thinking retailers like THE ICONIC are helping to make cruelly produced fashion disappear.

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