Vegan Fashion Frenzy: Compassionate Chic in 2019

The end of a cruel era came recently when Kim Kardashian announced that she’s replaced all her fur coats with luxurious faux furs. In case you missed it: fashion is having a vegan revolution.

So voracious is Australia’s appetite for compassionate couture that there’s now a booming vegan fashion movement built on our increased awareness of the ways our wardrobe choices affect animals and the environment.

For the ethically minded fashionista, we’ve scouted the hottest new pieces from Aussie brands that are as animal-friendly as they are chic:


  • Unreal Fur Huff Puff Jacket

    1. Unreal Fur Huff & Puff JacketKnown and loved around the world for its fabulous faux furs, Unreal Fur has pulled off a nifty little sidestep with this high-collar puffer jacket. Free of feathers from abused birds, it’s wonderfully toasty, and that velvet leopard print will have you hoping the mercury drops.

  • Collective Viewpoint Blazer by C/MEO

    2. C/MEO Collective Viewpoint Blazer: Wool-free and bursting with style, this single-breasted blazer drapes like a dream to offer sleek tailoring for a powerful look that can take you from the office to drinks like a boss.

  • Ginseng Ankle Boots by The Iconic

    3. Atmos&Here Ginseng Ankle BootsThe Iconic’s label launched a “PETA-Approved Vegan” capsule collection, and these boots are a welcome addition to the edit. Featuring a stacked block heel and crafted from supple vegan leather, they’ll be a welcome addition to your wardrobe, too.

  • Chord Jacket by Steele

    4. Steele Ballina JacketThe plush palette of the 70s never went away – it’s just been waiting for its time to shine again. This dusty rose bomber is feminine yet edgy – and since it’s lined with soft faux fur, it’s also kind to animals (who are the only ones who need to wear real fur!).

  • Twoobs Cella Sneaky shoes

    5. Twoobs Kat // Cella Sneaky ShoesLow-key flats? Check. Deliciously extra glitter? Check. Animal-free leather? You bet. Playful but practical, these sneakers represent a new direction for Melbourne’s famous sandal brand – but one that stays true to its animal-friendly ethics. No cows suffered for these ruby slippers to go street, and we like it.

  • Oversized Steele Knit Sweater by Sans Beast

    6. OneTeaspoon Oversized Steel Knit Sweater: Recently, OneTeaspoon banned cashmere after hearing about the treatment of goats used for their hair. This piece proves the company’s compassionate move hasn’t stopped it from creating beautiful knitwear. In fact, this sweater is a cotton-and-steel blend, so it’s cosy and keeps its shape.


  • Vixen by Holster

    7. Holster Vixen EspadrillesThe elevation of heels, the comfort of sandals, the timeless style of a European summer, espadrilles are never really out of style, but these beauties from Holster are especially cute. Made from all vegan materials, you can walk in them until the cows come home – safely, thanks to Holster’s all vegan ethics!

  • Comfort Point Heels by Huntd

    8. Huntd Comfort Point HeelsWhen the weather is too warm for boots but too cool for sandals, these heels will be your heroes. The luxe matte finish gives you glam, while the mid-height heel means you can wear them all night. And the best bit? They’re made from innovative, eco-friendly vegan leather, making them the guilt-free choice.

  • Noir Croci Reader Satchel by Sans Beast

    9. Sans Beast Noir Croco Reader SatchelSince hitting the Australian fashion scene in 2018, designer label Sans Beast has been the centre of attention on catwalks and city streets alike. This practical little bag is the perfect marriage of form and function, and it holds a lesson for designers still using exotic skins: mock croc rocks.


When used for their skin, hair, or feathers, animals are treated like nothing more than commodities. But thanks to brands like the ones listed above, cruelly obtained materials are being cast aside in favour of kinder and more sustainable vegan fabrics. To browse more animal-free clothing, check out our list of brands using the “PETA-Approved Vegan” logo:

PETA-Approved Vegan