Animals Remain Trapped as Harrowing Live-Export Ordeal Continues

Posted on by Dan H

Australians are disgusted and ashamed by the stranding of thousands of animals near Perth. After already enduring weeks on rough seas, these animals are now trapped in a heatwave due to the government’s myopic and heartless decisions. More than 15,000 Australian sheep and cattle – like the millions who have been shipped to slaughter before them – should never have been aboard any ship, let alone one bound for what had already clearly been established as a high-conflict zone in the Middle East .

PETA has once again joined the chorus of voices condemning the continuation of the cruel live-export industry. In an urgent letter to Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, we have pleaded for the immediate end of this industry.

If the government had done the right thing by banning all live export back in 1980, when 40,000 sheep died at sea, or following any of the numerous other tragedies over the decades or the many investigations into the cruelty that animals endure onboard ships and at abattoirs, more than 2.5 million sentient individuals would have been spared misery and death in this industry.

Ocean Outback, Fremantle, 2016 | Bahnfrend | CC BY-SA 4.0

The same ship under a different name stranded animals following engine trouble in 2016.

The time for excuses is over. As long as the government continues to support this industry and condemn animals to protracted deaths aboard death ships, situations like the current one will continue to arise and Australia will merit its global reputation for cruelty and poor decision-making.

Animals transported by sea from Australia to the middle east.

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