Apple Offers Free ‘Seals Hero’ Game, Turns Down Seal-Hunting App

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

fur sealIn 2010, Apple blocked an app that let players beat, shoot and kill virtual seals, but saving “seals” is fair game. Apple has launched a free iPhone app called Seals Hero, which allows users to save seals killed in Canada’s annual slaughter, highlighting how young generations look at seals as wonders of nature rather than living piñatas that they can beat to death with a stick.

The gaming gurus at Australia-based Maiko Enterprises describe the app best:

 Your mission is to save seals from the seal hunters. You will control Cid a smart and energetic animal rights activist. He hates violence that’s why he fights with his speed, intelligence and paint. You’ll face the hassle of wild polar bears, wolfs and other obstacles to challenge you on your quest, but those certainly aren’t the worst troubles. The real difficulties involve a limited time to save as many seals as you can. Find tools like a husky sledge and climbing tools to help you on your mission to save as many seals as possible.

Along the way, players learn how they can team up with PETA US to speak out against the slaughter, which has been in massive decline in recent years, following seal import bans in the EU, Russia, the US and elsewhere.

iPhone users can download Seal Hero here, and everyone can visit for more ways to save seals.

Posted by Claire Fryer