Art Simone for PETA: ‘Keep Your Pussy Tucked Away’

Posted on by PETA Australia

The “Queen of Australia” and former RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under contestant Art Simone appears in a new public service announcement for PETA, urging cat guardians to keep their animals indoors.

Posing with her own rescued cat Effy (and supported in spirit by Pickles, the star’s other adopted feline, who felt shy on shoot day), Art looks glam in a housecoat and rollers as she lounges on her bed and urges cat guardians, “Keep your pussy tucked away – don’t let cats roam outside”.

Why Keep Cats Indoors?

Free-roaming cats are exposed to many dangers, including contagious diseases, speeding cars, poison, and attacks by dogs, wildlife, and cruel humans. So risky is outdoor life for cats that the average life expectancy of an “outdoor cat” is just two to five years, compared to the average of 12 to 15 years for cats who live indoors.

Then there’s the fact that cats generally don’t play nice with wildlife. As Art notes, cats “might look like all fluff when they’re curled up on your couch”, but “left to their own devices, they’re efficient predators”.

Cat with bird

Most people who let cats roam outdoors are in denial about how many animals their companions kill, but a 2021 federal government report revealed that it’s not only “feral” cats who hunt – Australia’s 3.8 million roaming companion cats kill a staggering 390 million mammals, reptiles, and birds every year.

Drag Queen Art Simone lounges on a bed with a cat. Text reads: "Keep your pussy tucked away. Don't let cats roam outside."Peter Foster

How to Have a Happy Cat

So how do we prevent Tabby from becoming bored in the great indoors?

Click the button below for more information on making your feline’s life more felicitous. And remember to adopt animals from shelters and to stay away from pet stores and breeders.

a cat sittingKeep Your Cat EntertainedImage by Юрий Сидоренко from Pixabay