Ask Your MP to Stop Ships of Death

Posted on by PETA Australia

Sheep on live export shipCIWF

Photo courtesy of CIWF

With the number of exposés on the tragedies in the live-export industry in recent years, it is surely time for Members of Parliament to start listening to the public and pushing for a ban on the cruel export of live animals from Australia.

Over the past 30 years, Australia has crammed more than 200 million animals onto filthy, multi-level cargo ships, with more than 2.5 million of these animals getting trampled to death or dying from dehydration, starvation or disease en route to the Middle East.

Those who do survive the gruelling journey, which can last for weeks in searing heat, may be roughly dragged from the ships and thrown onto trucks or into the backseats or boots of cars. They often face abuse and methods of slaughter that are illegal in Australia. Many will have their throats cut while they are still conscious, even though prior stunning is allowed under the rules of halal slaughter.

A recent incident in which 20,000 sheep were stranded at sea for more than 40 days after their ship was refused port in Bahrain showed how helpless the Australian government is once these animals leave our shores. In this incident, thousands of sheep were reportedly killed by being beaten, stabbed and even buried alive despite protests from the Australian government.

There is simply no humane way to transport tens of thousands of animals on cramped, putrid ships, often in sweltering heat, on journeys lasting several weeks.

PETA and our affiliates have protested live export in both Australia and the Middle East, petitioned ministers for change and met with activists in Australia and the Middle East to encourage them to take action against the cruel voyages – but we need your help to bring this terrible trade to an end.

Please speak up for animals used for live export today by asking your local MP to support a ban on the export of live animals from Australia.

Posted by Claire Fryer