A Bag With a Beating Heart? Bangkok Pop-Up Store Shocks Consumers

Posted on by PETA Australia

Consumers who walked into The Leather Work, a pop-up shop in Bangkok’s bustling CentralWorld mall, were confronted with the truth about the suffering behind every bag, belt, jacket, or pair of gloves or shoes made from exotic skins.

The shop—which was conceptualized and created by Ogilvy & Mather Advertising Bangkok—duped consumers looking for leather goods by presenting normal looking products, but when potential buyers examined the items, they were confronted with the hard truth:

After the shop’s bags are opened, consumers are confronted with a snake’s or a crocodile’s still-beating heart or an alligator’s intestines that contract and expand. Shoppers who try on shoes or gloves soon realize that they’ve been smeared with fake blood. (It washes off, of course!)


WATCH: Customers’ reactions


WATCH: The truth about the exotic-skins industry


What You Can Do

Always shop vegan, and be sure to share this video with family and friends.