Forgotten Animals’ Stories Told in New Documentary About PETA US Work, ‘Breaking the Chain’

Posted on by PETA Australia

A new documentary feature from executive producer Anjelica Huston, Breaking the Chain, follows fieldworkers with PETA US’ Community Animal Project as they visit impoverished areas of the US to give care to mistreated animals who – without their help – would continue to suffer or even die. These heroes work on the frontlines of the animal neglect and overpopulation crisis, dedicating their lives to helping the less fortunate and alleviating further suffering against almost unimaginable odds.

This eye-opening film explores the uphill battle that faces neglected animals as well as their champions, who are doing everything possible to bring them hope.

Breaking the Chain is a must-see film that celebrates real efforts to change the world for animal companions and the behind-the-scenes work of the people who are making it happen.

Where to Watch

For Australian viewers Breaking the Chain is available on demand on Amazon and Vimeo.

Watch on AmazonWatch on Vimeo

Take Action

Please watch the film. Invite friends and family to watch it with you. And help us end animal homelessness by adopting animals – never buying them – by having your animals spayed or neutered, and by supporting legislative bills to protect animals, including bans on breeding, and the sale of animals in pet shops. Volunteer at your local animal shelter. And please, when you see animal abuse, always try to stop it or at least report it.

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