Caged, Deprived, Skinned Alive – The Veronicas Speak Out Against Fur

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

Lisa and Jessica Origliasso, the talented twins of The Veronicas, who recently topped the charts with their comeback single “You Ruin Me”, are once again speaking up for animals, with a hard-hitting anti-fur ad for PETA. Pictured behind wire bars with the tagline “Caged, Deprived, Skinned Alive”, the duo urge their fans not to wear fur or fur trim.

the veronicas peta ad

Almost three-quarters of the fur garments sold in Australia originate in China, where even dogs and cats are cruelly killed for their fur.

The Veronicas’ ad spotlights the cruelty of the fur trade. Check out what happens to animals raised for their fur:

  • They’re caged: animals on fur farms spend their miserable lives standing on thin cage wires amid their own waste.
  • They’re deprived: they’re denied any opportunity to dig, jump, play or engage in anything that’s natural and important to them.
  • They’re often skinned alive: they’re killed in ways that would break your heart. Some animals have their skulls bashed in or their necks broken. Others are killed by anal or vaginal electrocution. Many are still alive as their skins are ripped off their bodies.

Just take a look at this heartbreaking video to find out why Lisa and Jessica plead, “Don’t wear fur or fur trim”.

The ladies also sat down for an exclusive behind-the-scenes interview:

Longtime supporters of PETA and animal rights, Lisa and Jessica talk about shooting such hard-hitting ads and how it strengthens their desire to get the message out.

As Lisa tells their fans, “It’s so easy to be able to help animals”. We can all use social media to share information about important issues with friends and stay up to date with news from PETA and other groups. And please join The Veronicas in pledging never to wear fur.

Posted by Claire Fryer