Companion Animals

Heart-Pounding Rescue Pulled Off in Ukraine – Watch the Video Now

Two hundred terrified animals on a farm in Ukraine saw their home torn apart, one blast at a time. Watch as a PETA-supported team braves a drone attack to …

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Decorating Dangers: How to Make Christmas Merry for Animals

It’s important to think about how our seasonal decorating affects – and in some cases harms – the animals we share our homes and the planet with.

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Central Coast French Bulldog Puppy Farm to Close! Animal Liberation

Central Coast French Bulldog Puppy Farm to Close!

PETA’s campaign highlighted how breeding dogs for deranged aesthetics at the expense of their health is cruel.

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‘Horrific’ – How 1080 Poisoning Leaves Animal Guardians Feeling Powerless

New research from Deakin University reveals the traumatic and life-altering consequences families face when an animal companion accidentally ingests a 1080 bait.

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PETA Exposes Nightmare Puppy Mills in South Korea

PETA Asia’s explosive eyewitness investigation into four puppy mills in South Korea documents routine, rampant cruelty. Always adopt, never buy companion dogs.

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