Companion Animals

Shelters in Crisis as People Surrender ‘Pandemic Puppies’

RSPCA shelters in New South Wales are at 95% capacity for dogs and 125% capacity for cats.

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NSW Puppy Farm Raid: 79 Dogs Seized RSPCA

NSW Puppy Farm Raid: 79 Dogs Seized

The 79 dogs and puppies all needed veterinary treatment.

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We Did It: Puppy Farm Plans Rejected!

Cardinia Shire Council rejected the proposal based on “huge community outrage” over animal welfare concerns that was “too hard to ignore” – including a PETA petition signed by more …

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Forgotten Animals’ Stories Told in New Documentary About PETA US Work, ‘Breaking the Chain’

‘Breaking the Chain’, from executive producer Anjelica Huston, follows dedicated PETA US fieldworkers as they find and help neglected dogs and other animals.

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Can Cats and Dogs Carry Coronavirus?

According to the WHO, “there is no evidence that companion animals … such as cats and dogs have been infected or could spread the virus that causes COVID-19”.

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