General Animal Rights

Shocking New Animal Abuse Uncovered in Foreign Abattoirs

As yet more shocking video footage emerges showing animals in foreign abattoirs being routinely tortured and abused, the question must surely be asked: when will enough be enough? Compassion …

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The Audreys Speak Up for Australian Animals

Taasha Coates and Tristan Goodall are best known as ARIA Award-winning musical duo The Audreys, but they are also long-time vegetarians and animal lovers. The pair recently teamed up …

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Remind Campbell Newman of His Pledge to Spare Turtles and Dugongs Jody Boyman

Remind Campbell Newman of His Pledge to Spare Turtles and Dugongs

ACTION UPDATE! Legislation has now been introduced to amend the Animal Care and Protection Act and the Native Title Act to ensure that turtles and dugongs killed under indigenous …

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New South Wales Government – Don’t Encourage Young Killers

In New South Wales (NSW), Australia, the Game and Feral Animal Control Regulation is up for review. And in an astonishing move, the new regulation proposes allowing unsupervised children …

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PETA ‘Lettuce Ladies’ and ‘Sheep’ Brave Chills and Rain to Save Animals

The previous day may have been the coldest in Melbourne for a while, but PETA “Lettuce Ladies” Georgie and Isabella braved the brisk Melbourne air to spread the word …

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