For Compassionate People of Faith, ‘Christspiracy’ Offers Answers and Hope

Posted on by Dan H

The new documentary Christspiracy is what every compassionate person of faith who has struggled or prayed for answers has been waiting for. And it’s full of eye-opening revelations for anyone who wants to learn about “the biggest cover-up in 2,000 years”.

From Nazareth to the Vatican and from New Delhi to Kathmandu, gospel musician Kameron Waters and documentary director Kip Anderson questioned world-renowned theologians, Christian farmers, Indigenous shamans, archaeologists, and religious leaders and asked them to explain why cruelty to animals is accepted around the world, even though compassion is supposedly the uniting core principle of all world religions.

The historical texts and facts that they found – some hiding in plain sight and others deeply buried – are explosive. Christspiracy reveals truths that many lifelong Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, and Buddhists have never heard. For those of us who have felt isolated and confused by seemingly conflicting values, the film offers hope: clear and compelling evidence that great religious leaders absolutely rejected harming and killing animals. This revelation has massive implications for how we conduct our moral lives.

Listen to PETA US’ conversation with director Anderson on The PETA Podcast.

Thanks to the support of believers around the world, the film will be released globally in more than 600 theatres on 20 March with an encore screening on 24 March. Find your nearest screening and get tickets here.