Cody Simpson Wants You to ‘Make Your Animals’ Life Paradise’

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

As if Australian pop sensation Cody Simpson weren’t already awesome enough, he’s won us over even more by sticking up for animals in this new video:

Cody will be touring North America and releasing his new album, Paradise, later this year. He and his pooch, Buddy, ask us to “make your animals’ life ‘Paradise.’ Give them lots of attention and love.” It’s a simple message, but one that can make all the difference to the life of your furry friend. Animal companions should be like family members, and that’s exactly how Cody sees Buddy.

Unfortunately, there are hundreds of thousands of unwanted dogs and cats dying every year in Australian animal shelters and pounds because people adopt – and often buy – animals who are not good fits for their families. Because shelters are so crowded, there is no reason for animals to be bred and sold through pet shops or private sellers. The best way to find an animal companion is through your local animal shelter or rescue group (after you’ve done the research and can take on the responsibility, of course!).

Don’t forget that you can still stick up for animals even if you can’t have an animal companion of your own. Cody reminds us how important it is to speak up for animals and “never be silent” if you see an animal being abused. We all need to speak up for animals wherever we can. As Cody says, use Twitter and Facebook and other social media to highlight the issues and make sure everyone knows how important it is to show compassion for all animals.

Posted by Ashley Fruno