Egypt Cattle Abuse Renews Calls for an End to Australian Live Export

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

cow on truck, live export

After more shocking footage was released of animal abuse in Australian-approved abattoirs, with cattle in Egypt as the newest victims, then–Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry Joe Ludwig insisted that the live-export trade had a “bright future”.

Australian live export has maintained government support despite numerous investigations that revealed sickening footage from a range of locations as well as several major incidences of animal welfare issues on the journey itself and a massive public backlash. What will it take for the Australian government to do the right thing by the Australian public and animals and stop bailing out the sinking ship that is the live-export industry?

There is simply no way to transport tens of thousands of animals on cramped, stinking ships on journeys lasting days or even weeks to face a slaughter which would be illegal in Australia. This latest footage from Egypt comes just a few months after PETA revealed that a scientific committee had advised that Australian cattle in Egypt should have their ears cut off prior to slaughter.

Australian live exports to Egypt were previously suspended following a joint investigation by PETA and Animals Australia. History shows that the private companies making money from this animal abuse will re-open the Egyptian trade as soon as they can, regardless of animal welfare or public opinion.

Live export is a blight on Australia’s international reputation. It’s time for the Australian government to take action and end the live export of animals.

Posted by Claire Fryer