VICTORY! Melbourne Restaurant Shown on ‘The Block’ Drops Foie Gras

Posted on by PETA Australia

In a recent episode of the popular renovation show The Block, contestants Chris and Kim enjoyed dinner at Melbourne restaurant Eureka 89.

Unfortunately for ducks and geese, the dinner included cruelly produced foie gras. After members of the public voiced their concerns, PETA contacted Eureka 89 management to inform them of the reality behind foie gras production.

Foie gras, which is French for “fatty liver”, is made from the grotesquely enlarged livers of male ducks and geese. Birds used for foie gras are kept in tiny wire cages or packed into sheds. Two or three times every day, up to 2 kilograms of grain and fat are pumped into their stomachs through pipes that are shoved down their throats. This force-feeding causes the birds’ livers to become diseased and to swell to up to 10 times their normal size. Many of them become too sick even to stand.

The pipes sometimes puncture their throats, and the massive amount of food can cause their stomachs and other internal organs to rupture. Female hatchlings, who are considered useless to foie gras farmers, are often drowned in scalding-hot water, suffocated in plastic bags, or shredded alive in macerators.

After discussions with PETA, not only did Eureka 89 confirm that foie gras has been removed from its current offerings, the chef will also not include it on any future menus.

We commend Eureka 89 for taking a stand against this vile product, and we encourage people to leave a comment on the restaurant’s Facebook page to thank it for making the decision to remove foie gras permanently from its menu.

Victories like this prove that we have the power to improve the world for animals. If you’d like to help more ducks and geese, please help us keep the pressure on other restaurants that continue to sell foie gras.