Gorman to Ban the Sale of Mohair!

Posted on by Laura Weyman-Jones

Australian clothing brand Gorman is the latest major company to drop mohair, following PETA Asia’s exposé of cruelty in the industry.

The cult-favourite – which has 34 stand-alone stores in Australia and two in New Zealand and has just opened its first US store in Los Angeles – joins more than 280 brands worldwide, including ASOS, Ralph Lauren, H&M, Zara, and Topshop, that have pledged not to sell the cruelly obtained material.

Gorman’s compassionate business move comes after PETA Asia’s first-of-its-kind video exposé of the mohair industry in South Africa, which is the source of more than 50 per cent of the world’s mohair. The exposé revealed that hasty shearers – who are paid by volume, not by the hour – left angora goats with gaping wounds. Workers then roughly stitched the animals up without giving them any pain relief.

Unwanted Goats Died in Agonising Ways

A PETA Asia eyewitness saw one worker slowly cut the animals’ throats with a dull knife while they were fully conscious and then break their necks, hacking one animal’s head off. Others were hauled to an abattoir, where they were electrically shocked, hung upside down, and slashed across the throat.

PETA US has asked law-enforcement agencies in South Africa to investigate and file charges, as appropriate, for potential violations of that country’s Animals Protection Act, 1962. An investigation is underway.

Let’s Keep Pushing: Urge Free People to Ban Mohair

PETA Asia’s exposé pulled back the curtain on the mohair industry to reveal gentle baby goats crying out in fear and pain as they were sheared for mohair sweaters and scarves. No company should ever support this. Take action: use our form to write to Free People and urge it to ban mohair now.