Macpac Joins Mohair-Free List After PETA Exposé

Posted on by PETA Australia

Global outdoor retailer Macpac has joined the likes of Forever New, Gorman, Topshop, and hundreds of other retailers worldwide in implementing a policy against using mohair.

Macpac made the decision following PETA Asia’s investigation of the mohair industry in South Africa – the source of more than 50 per cent of the world’s mohair. The eyewitness saw one worker slowly cut angora goats’ throats with a dull knife while they were fully conscious and then break their necks, hacking one animal’s head off. Others were hauled to an abattoir, where they were electrically shocked, hung upside down, and slashed across the throat.

“No animal deserves to be treated so poorly. We are very happy to commit to never using mohair at Macpac now or in the future,” said Macpac CEO Alex Brandon.

South Africa’s National Council of SPCAs has filed cruelty-to-animals charges against four angora goat farmers based on PETA Asia’s evidence. The national police force is investigating the farmers – as well as shearers and other farmworkers.

Let’s Keep Pushing: Urge Free People to Ban Mohair

PETA’s exposé pulled back the curtain on the mohair industry to reveal that gentle baby goats cried out in fear and pain as they were shorn for mohair jumpers and scarves. No company should ever support this cruelty. Please write to Free People to urge the company to ban mohair now.