How You Can Help End Live Export

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

SheepMost Australians have been disgusted by the abuses that have been revealed time and time again in the live-animal export industry. Shocking video footage and reports of abuse from Egypt, Indonesia, Pakistan and Vietnam have surfaced, and every time, we have hoped that this time would surely be the last.

Of course, it isn’t only what happens to these Australian animals when they arrive at their destination that we should be concerned about. A shocking report submitted by a veterinarian who travelled on 57 live-export journeys highlighted the appalling conditions and inadequate facilities aboard the ships themselves.

Although it’s easy to feel helpless in the face of the suffering that millions of Australian animals endure because of live export every year, there are things that we can all do to help bring this cruel industry to an end.

What You Can Do

  • Ask your local MP to speak out against the live export of animals, and urge Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to take action immediately against this cruel trade.
  • Sign up for PETA Asia-Pacific’s Activist Network so that you can keep informed about any events or protests in your area.
  • Share information about the cruelty of the live-export industry on Twitter, Facebook and other social networking sites.
  • Write letters to your local newspaper to educate readers about the live-export industry, or call into local radio stations. Check out this letter-writing guide to get started.
  • PETA offers live-export leaflets. Post them on community message boards, include one with every bill payment, or hold your own leafleting event or protest. E-mail us to get a stash of leaflets or for more information.

Posted by Claire Fryer