You Did It: Inquiry Recommends Victoria Duck Hunting Ban

Posted on by Dan H

Updated: 28 September, 2023

The long-awaited parliamentary inquiry into recreational hunting of native birds in Victoria has released its report and is recommending that Victoria end its annual duck hunting season from next year!

“On consideration of all evidence received during the Inquiry, the Committee recommends that the Victorian Government end recreational native bird hunting on all public and private land from 2024.”
– Select Committee on Victoria’s Recreational Native Bird Hunting Arrangements, Parliament of Victoria

The special inquiry was set up at the request of the government, which (as reported by ABC News) suggests that the government is likely to follow its recommendations. The government now has six months to formally respond to the special inquiry’s recommendations.

Why We Need to Ban Duck Hunting

As PETA’s submission to the inquiry highlighted, Victoria’s duck hunting season causes prolonged suffering and death to hundreds of thousands of native birds each year. For each animal killed outright, many more are wounded and left to die slowly and in agony from shattered bills, fractured limbs, and pellets lodged in their vital organs.

Duck hunting is already banned in the Northern Territory, Queensland, and Western Australia. Former premier of Western Australia Carmen Lawrence stated that the community could “no longer accept the institutionalised killing of native birds for recreation”. Meanwhile, Queensland banned the practice due to “overwhelming” community concern about cruelty to birds.

Duck hunting in Victoria is causing catastrophic damage to the state’s wetland ecosystems and the wildlife who live there. According to the October 2022 Eastern Australia Waterbird Aerial Survey report, duck populations are below the long-term average, with six out of eight “game species” showing significant long-term declines.

According to the Kantar Group research firm, 66% of Victorians oppose duck hunting. Continuing to allow this cruel, environmentally damaging pastime would be out of step with public opinion.

Your Voice Matters

The committee received 10,402 submissions, which was a record for a Victorian parliamentary inquiry. Thank you to everyone who took the time to send a submission.

The premier is now considering the committee’s report, meaning that Victoria is just a step away from banning duck hunting.

If you are a Victoria resident, now’s the time to send a polite e-mail to Premier of Victoria Jacinta Allan, encouraging him to accept the committee’s recommendations and legislate an end to duck hunting in Victoria.

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