Slaughter for ‘Sport’: 2021 Duck-Hunting Season Approved

Posted on by PETA Australia

The Victorian Government has announced that duck hunting in the state will be permitted in 2021, once again condemning native birds, including those ostensibly protected by law, to being chased and shot out of the sky for “fun”.


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The news comes despite recent revelations that most shooters don’t even know which species they’re allowed to shoot at. In 2020, the Victorian Game Management Authority surveyed 5,000 duck hunters and found that only one in five was able to answer a question about identifying “game” ducks correctly.

Australia’s water birds are already affected by persistent drought and bushfires. And for each bird killed, another is wounded and will die slowly in terror and agony. When mother birds are shot, ducklings – who are dependent on them for the first two months of their lives – die from cold or starvation or are eaten by predators.

A Shortened Season

Meanwhile, hunters are outraged that the season will run for just 20 days and allow them to slaughter “only” two ducks per day. While a shortened season with fewer fatalities is certainly better than wholesale warfare on our wetlands, this barbarism should not be taking place at all.

It’s time to stop permitting this senseless slaughter simply to appease a small group of shooters who think it’s fun to harm wildlife. Duck hunting should be banned in Victoria. Message Premier Andrews and let him know: