Marvellous News for Minks: Italy to Ban Fur Farming

Posted on by PETA Australia

Italy is about to join the long and ever-growing list of countries that have passed legislation banning fur farming. The Italian Senate voted to approve an amendment that will close all the country’s mink farms within the next six months.

The vote is expected to be ratified by the Italian Parliament before the end of the year, and Italy – the capital of fashion – will join the long and ever-growing list of countries that have passed legislation banning this cruel industry.


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Big News for Minks

This news couldn’t come soon enough for minks on fur farms, who are jammed into squalid cages and denied the opportunity to roam, swim, or do anything else that is natural and important to them. Investigations into the Italian fur industry found minks living in cramped wire cages – some resorting to cannibalism and self-mutilation because of the extreme stress of confinement. These animals were killed by being gassed to death – a horrible fate for semi-aquatic animals such as minks, who can hold their breath underwater for long periods of time.

Billboards in Rome protest fur farming

Activists Spoke Out

PETA entities and other animal protection groups have long campaigned against this cruel industry. Thank you to the more than 50,000 supporters of PETA Australia and other PETA entities who sent letters to Italy’s prime minister, urging him to take action.

From getting opinion pieces placed in prominent publications to plastering Rome and Milan with billboards and staging eye-catching demonstrations, PETA entities spread the anti-fur message widely.

Fur has already been shunned by some of the biggest names in Italian fashion: Gucci, Prada, Versace, Armani, Furla, Valentino, Elisabetta Franchi, and Brunello Cucinelli are all proudly fur-free. It’s clearer than ever that fur is dead.

What’s Next?

It’s difficult to imagine that some people may not yet realise how cruel the fur trade is, but they’re out there – and PETA Australia won’t stop until every designer using fur knows exactly what they’re supporting.

Alexandra Australia sells many fur items – including jackets, vests, shawls, and keyrings – on its website, claiming that these items are “sourced following ethical guidelines”. However, fur production can never be ethical. Join us in letting the company know this and asking that it stop selling the material.