Osher Günsberg’s Unique Wedding Gift From PETA

Posted on by PETA Australia

Fresh from their honeymoon in Japan, Osher Günsberg and his bride, Audrey Griffen, have received a unique wedding gift: PETA has named two rescued camels in India after the loved-up couple.

TV, radio, and podcast host Günsberg, who eats a plant-based diet, married make-up artist Griffen after the pair met behind the scenes while filming The Bachelor.

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Camels Osher and Audrey, previously known as Sameer and Simran, were both rescued from a circus by an Indian based charity, which offers relief to working animals in India.

Osher and Audrey the Camels - Osher Gunsberg

They will now spend the rest of their days together, relaxing in peace at the organisation’s sanctuary in Maharashtra.

The sanctuary offers services in three districts in Maharashtra, one of the largest states in India and is run by dedicated staff members – including a community educator, animal caretakers, and veterinarians – who are on call for emergencies and advice around the clock, every day of the year.

We hope Osher Günsberg and Audrey Griffen’s future together will be as joyous as that of their camel namesakes, who will never again be forced to perform confusing tricks or endure neglect and mistreatment.

Congratulations Osher and Audrey!