Meghan Markle to Receive Farewell Gift From PETA

Posted on by PETA Australia

Meghan Markle is already known for her impeccable taste in fashion and penchant for vegan leather pants, so as a parting gift as she leaves Australia, PETA is giving her some beautiful additions for her royal wardrobe.

Markle will receive a high-end Vaute vegan suede coat and Indigo Apparel vegan wool scarf from Australian boutique The-V-Spot. Both are classic pieces with all the elegance and style the duchess is well accustomed to and with none of the cruelty that’s inherent in the production of leather or wool.

Animal-loving Markle is already vegan fashion royalty! The former actor refuses to wear or promote fur on ethical grounds, and while discussing her personal style, she’s said, “Personally, I love cropped pants in vegan leather.” Her fondness for cruelty-free pants even caused online searches for “vegan leather trousers” to increase by 67 per cent.

By wearing her new vegan fashion pieces, Markle will be setting a great example and sending the messages that anyone can have top-notch, cruelty-free style and that no one has to suffer to keep us warm.

PETA’s video exposé of the wool industry in Australia – the world’s biggest wool exporter – showed workers violently punching sheep in the face, stamping and standing on their heads and necks, and beating and jabbing them in the face with electric clippers. It also documented that the rough shearing process left large, bloody wounds on the animals’ bodies, which workers stitched closed using a needle and thread without administering any pain relief.

Meanwhile, the leather industry subjects more than 1 billion animals every year to intensive confinement, castration without pain relief, extreme crowding, and a terrifying trip to the abattoir.

Then there’s the fact that the animal-skins industry is polluting our planet. Reports show leather, silk, and wool to be among the worst environmental offenders.

Every time we buy clothes and accessories, we have an opportunity to make a statement about who we are and how we treat others.

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