Pamela Anderson Urges PM Scott Morrison to Ban Live Exports

Posted on by PETA Australia

In the lead up to her exclusive Australian television appearance on current affairs program 60 Minutes, PETA US’s honorary director Pamela Anderson has sent a letter to Prime Minister Scott Morrison urging him to end the sadistic live-animal export industry.

In the letter, Anderson references the Prime Minister’s maiden speech, noting that she shares with him “the same strong principles of justice and compassion”, before urging the Prime Minister to “[M]ake the compassionate and logical move.”

In the live-export trade, animals are herded, prodded, and kicked onto crowded, filthy, multi-tiered vessels and forced to stand for long periods of time – sometimes even weeks – in a stomach-turning slurry of water, urine, and faeces. More than 200 million animals have been crammed onto filthy cargo ships bound from Australia to the Middle East over the last 30 years, and over 2.5 million of them have died in transit, typically as a result of cramped conditions, poor ventilation, and soaring temperatures.

Once surviving animals reach their destination – countries that have few, if any, animal-welfare laws and no enforcement of those that do exist – they’re commonly dragged from the ships and thrown into trucks and even car boots. Most animals’ throats are cut while they’re still conscious and able to feel pain.