PETA Asks Band ‘Hunters & Collectors’ to Make Compassionate Name Change

Posted on by PETA Australia

Duck hunting season is upon us, which means thousands of Australian waterbirds are facing an agonising death on the wetlands at the hands of shooters.

To help raise awareness of their plight, PETA is asking Aussie rock band Hunters & Collectors to consider an animal-friendly namelift.

PETA’s letter to the group’s members outlines the reality of hunting and asks them to align their band with an image of compassion, not killing.

PETA Letter to Hunters & Collectors

“Some might say that the idea of changing the band’s name is for the birds, and PETA would agree”, says Ashley Fruno, PETA’s associate director of campaigns. “It’s for the ducks and other birds who are shot, many of whom die slowly from their wounds.”