PETA ‘Chicken’ Delivers Petition to KFC

Posted on by PETA Australia

KFC staff and diners had something to crow about today, when a giant “chicken” arrived to hand-deliver a petition with 10,000 signatures demanding that the fast-food giant add vegan chicken to the menu!

Australians have spoken, and the message is clear: we want convenient, delicious vegan options at KFC.

We know that similar launches have not only made headlines around the world but also resulted in long lines of people hungry for change.

The vegan food market is big business – it’s worth an estimated $215 million and growing! Adding vegan options would mean profits by the bucketful – and saving the lives of countless chickens.

More than 600,000 chickens are killed for their flesh in Australia every year, and the vast majority of them are raised in filthy, windowless sheds with 40,000 or more other birds.

They’ve been selectively bred and fed to grow at three times their natural rate so that they reach “slaughter weight” when they’re just 6 weeks old. The chickens who die for burgers, wings, and nuggets are babies.

Chickens are inquisitive, social animals who enjoy being stroked and cuddled just as much as dogs do. They have fantastic memories and are protective of their families – that’s why we call nurturing humans mother hens!

A mother hen and her chick.

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