This Philippines Taal Volcano Rescue Story Will Make You Cry

Posted on by Dan H

The latest eruption of Taal Volcano in the Philippines has buried the island under a deluge of ash and debris, putting the life of every animal and human there at risk.

Right now, an emergency rescue team supported by PETA’s Global Compassion Fund is working to provide dogs and other animals with urgently needed food and veterinary care as they struggle to survive – and the team needs your help.

Today was a day of successes and setbacks for the rescue team.

PETA Asia was the first charity to reach Taal island, which is scattered with dead animals and reeks of decomposing flesh. But among all this death, there are also survivors – scared dogs, horses, cows, and other animals – and they’re in desperate need of help. The rescue team is doing everything it can to evacuate them from the island for urgent veterinary care. It has already rescued some animals from the island and won’t stop working until everyone is safe.

Palakitik Is Alive

One of the animals rescued today is a dog called Palakitik, whom PETA Asia has known for years. Supported by PETA’s Global Compassion Fund, the group has been conducting life-saving clinics on Taal, helping hundreds of malnourished and exhausted horses used to ferry tourists up and down the volcano. Every time the team members arrived on the island, Palakitik excitedly greeted them and followed them around everywhere.


Palakitik with PETA

When the rescue team members finally managed to step onto Taal island today, they called out to her, not knowing whether she was dead or alive. To their amazement and relief, she came running up through the ash, overjoyed to see friendly faces!

Taal Volcano


They gave her food, water, and lots of cuddles and took her safely off the island to receive veterinary care.

Tonight, Palakitik will sleep on a soft bed, and she’ll be taken care of for the rest of her life.


There are other animals still on the island – they’re scared, and they need saving, too. The rescue team was able to be there only for a short time, but it was long enough to put down food and clean water and also rescue some other animals. We don’t know when they’ll be allowed to go back, but they’re working with the Filipino government.

The rescue team will continue to provide animals in the evacuation zone with food and clean water.

Animals in Crisis Need Your Help

Please support this critical rescue work by making an urgently needed gift to PETA’s Global Compassion Fund right now.

Are You in the Philippines?

If you live in Metro Manila, PETA Asia is welcoming donations of dog and cat food at its office in Makati (at Unit 706, Fedman Suites, 199 Salcedo Street, Legaspi Village).

The military won’t evacuate humans with their animal companions, so if you are in the area, own a vehicle, and are willing to help evacuate those who need to take animals with them, please post in this Facebook group.