Princess Mary, Give Fur a Royal Wave Goodbye

Posted on by PETA Australia

Just ahead of her 45th birthday, PETA sent Mary, Crown Princess of Denmark, a gift: luxurious faux furs.

The cape, jacket, and scarf – made by Australian company Unreal Fur – mimic mink, fox, and racoon pelts and were carefully selected in the princess’ size and style.

Princess Mary Gift Faux Fur

PETA chose the gifts to make the Australian-born princess aware that the fur industry is not only torture for animals but also toxic for the environment.

Along with the luxurious cruelty-free garments came a note letting the Danish Royal know that “[m]ost Aussies shun cruelly obtained animal-skin coats in favour of chic and compassionate synthetics such as these” and adding, “Your followers back home – including us – would love to see you give the real stuff a royal wave goodbye”.

Princess Mary has been photographed many times while wearing real fur – including from seals, who are often bludgeoned, dragged across the ice, and thrown into a pile to choke on their own blood before being skinned, sometimes while they’re still alive.

Other animals used for their skin may be gassed or anally electrocuted – or their necks may be broken – after they’ve languished inside tiny, filthy wire cages for their entire lives. In addition, the fur industry has a terrible impact on the environment: items made from real fur require 20 times more energy to produce than faux-fur garments.

We hope Princess Mary will realise that faux fur is glamourous, warm, and luxurious – and that there’s no need to support cruelty in order to stay warm and look cool.