Sharon Osbourne Exposes Cruel Chinchilla-Fur Trade

Posted on by PETA Australia

From managing husband Ozzy’s music career to creating and starring in a wildly popular and first-of-its-kind reality TV show long before people began “keeping up” with any of the Kardashians, Sharon Osbourne has done it all – and now she has a successful career as co-host of the US chat show The Talk.  In a new exposé, she discusses how she once wore fur, but after realising that each purchase costs animals their lives, she swore it off for good and donated her furs to PETA US. Now, she’s speaking up for the smallest victims of the violent fur trade: chinchillas.

As Sharon explains, chinchillas are often kept in tiny, filthy cages before workers break their necks or electrocute them. “Toe-to-ear” electrocution immobilises chinchillas but leaves them fully conscious as they experience all the pain of a full-blown heart attack. In nature, chinchillas are social animals who enjoy burrowing, climbing and playing, but on fur farms, they’re denied everything that is natural and important to them.

Watch Sharon talk about her decision not to wear fur, and learn about the 420 chinchillas who were rescued from a painful death:

The only way to stop this cruelty is to end the demand for fur by refusing to purchase any fur or fur trim. Defend animals everywhere by choosing a kinder lifestyle now and vowing to be forever fur-free.

Want to do more? Check out the following suggestions:

  • Speak up for animals slated to be killed for their fur by urging New Zealand fashion designer Annah Stretton to stop selling fur and angora, and ask Sydney’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival to introduce a fur-free policy.
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