Speak Up for Animals Used for Food

Posted on by PETA Australia

Bobby calfAnimals used for food are deprived of everything that is natural and important to them as they are crammed by the thousands into filthy sheds, confined to tiny cages such as sow stalls and have their babies torn away from them. Every one of these billions of animals deserves our consideration.

Being vegan ourselves is, of course, the best way to help animals used for food, but here are five more simple ways to speak up for the billions of animals raised every year just to be slaughtered so that humans can eat them.

  • On Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites, post photos, videos and news about animals used for food. Share the video that the meat industry doesn’t want people to see, because the reality is that anyone who eats animals needs to see it.
  • Make people drool over mouth-watering pictures and recipes of yummy vegan food. And be sure to point out how much healthier the vegan option is, in addition to being better for animals and the planet.
  • Get your message across without even needing to open your mouth: Wear animal-friendly clothing, such as T-shirts promoting veganism, and be proud of your meat-free lifestyle!
  • Host a good old Aussie barbecue―and make it totally animal-free. There are tons of delicious vegan recipes for barbecues that you can adapt to show your pals that there’s nothing better on a summer’s days than a barbecue with friends that doesn’t smell of burning flesh!
  • Take vegan leaflets with you to sporting events and pass them out―making sure that you take the time to tell people about all the successful vegan athletes out there.

Helping animals used for food can be fun. Get together with a group of like-minded friends and figure out your own ways to speak up for animals and help people understand the issues and why animals are not ours to eat.

Posted by Jason Baker