Suave Goes Cruelty-Free, Joins ‘Beauty Without Bunnies’ List

Posted on by PETA Australia

Global personal-care giant Suave has been added to the Beauty Without Bunnies cruelty-free list! This means that the brand – which is sold in New Zealand, has banned all tests on animals worldwide.

A photo of Suave products.

Another well-known Unilever brand went cruelty-free recently—Dove banned all tests on animals anywhere in the world in 2018 and began using PETA’s Beauty Without Bunnies logo last year.

Suave’s wide array of budget-friendly hair-care, skin-care, bath, and body products can be found in many local stores, making it one of the most accessible cruelty-free personal-care brands on the market. This global availability is crucial, since one of the best ways consumers can help spare animals the suffering and torment of product testing is by voting with their dollars and refusing to purchase products from companies that pay for cruel and deadly tests on animals.

Unilever, Suave’s parent company, has also been designated by PETA US as “Working for Regulatory Change,” a category that recognises businesses that test on animals only when explicitly required to do so by law, are transparent with PETA US about any tests on animals that have been conducted and why, and work diligently to promote the development, validation, and acceptance of non-animal methods.

It’s Easy to Shop Cruelty-Free

Look for PETA’s bunny logo, which will soon appear on the front of Suave products, and use your power as a consumer to support cruelty-free companies. Use the searchable global Beauty Without Bunnies database to find companies that don’t test on animals. By choosing cruelty-free products, you’ll prevent hundreds of thousands of sensitive mice, rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, and other animals from being subjected to agonising and deadly tests.