The Audreys Speak Up for Australian Animals

Posted on by PETA Australia

Taasha Coates and Tristan Goodall are best known as ARIA Award-winning musical duo The Audreys, but they are also long-time vegetarians and animal lovers. The pair recently teamed up with PETA Australia in a new campaign against live-animal exports, joining a growing list of compassionate celebrities who are speaking up for animals.

The Audreys made their feelings about live export clear in this heartfelt video plea to the Australian government and the Australian people:

The compassionate pair was also happy to pose for photos with one lucky lamb who won’t be forced to endure the cruelty of live export. Every year, millions of Australian sheep face a long, gruelling journey aboard a filthy ship in the searing heat, only to arrive for slaughter at a destination that has few or no animal welfare laws. Tens of thousands of sheep every year don’t even survive the journey ― dying of injuries, illnesses or starvation along the way.

The Audreys Live Export Ad

The fate of these animals is in our hands. There is simply no humane way to transport tens of thousands of animals on journeys lasting weeks or even months in cramped, filthy ships to face slaughter methods that would be illegal in Australia. So as the Audreys say, “Do it for her”. Help ban live export.