Lingerie-Clad Protesters Hand Out Condoms With Vegan Message

Posted on by PETA Australia

Dressed in lingerie, a group of PETA protesters greeted Sydneysiders on the historic Town Hall steps with some important advice ahead of Valentine’s Day.

The group held heart-shaped signs that read, “Eating Animals Is Linked to Erectile Dysfunction” and “Eating Animals Is a Turn-Off,” and handed out vegan condoms carrying the message “Veganism Isn’t Hard, but Vegans Are.”

PETA activists at Town Hall in Sydney. Signs read: "Eating Meat is Linked to Erectile Dysfunction", "Have a Heart Go Vegan," and "I Love People Who Love Animals"Chrissie Hall

The message is cheeky, but it’s based on science.

High in saturated fat and cholesterol, meat clogs human arteries, impeding blood flow to all areas of the body, including – you know – down there.

Three separate studies presented at the American Urological Association meeting in 2021 suggested that a plant-based diet may help protect men from erectile dysfunction.

Meat-eating is also linked to numerous other health problems, including heart disease, strokes, and various types of cancer – but it seems that some men care more about their virility than their longevity, so we’re appealing to them on their own terms.

Activist covered by sign that reads "I love people who love animals" | Chrissie Hall

Have a Heart – Go Vegan!

Valentine’s Day is about love, and the reality is that you can’t love animals while being complicit in their abuse, whether it’s for experiments, food, clothing, or entertainment.

Vegan living is about extending our compassion to all animals, not just those we share our homes with.

Craving connections is not a uniquely human trait – other animals also value companionship. Cows form lifelong friendships and mourn when a loved one dies or is taken away – which routinely occurs in the dairy industry when calves are removed from their mothers.

Chickens can recognise as many as 100 other chickens and humans and form bonds with their babies by clucking to them before they hatch. Fish show signs of depression when isolated from their group, and severe cases have been recorded among those imprisoned on stressful fish farms.

A group of 17 activists on the steps of Sydney Town Hall, all wearing underwear and holding various signs. Chrissie Hall

Nothing’s sexier than compassion, so why not try going vegan for Valentine’s Day?