Are Vegetarians Taking Over New Zealand?

Posted on by PETA Australia

Kiwis have always been at the cutting edge of compassion. In 2015, it was announced that testing cosmetics on animals would be banned in New Zealand and that pigs would no longer be used in cruel bloodstain-pattern experiments.

Now, it’s been revealed that the number of citizens who choose to leave animals off their plates is on the rise.

According to Roy Morgan Research, vegetarian eating has surged in popularity since 2011 – 27 per cent more Kiwis now state that they eat “all, or almost all, vegetarian”. The strongest growth has been seen among men, North Islanders and 14- to 34-year-olds.

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John La Rosa, the general manager of client services for Roy Morgan Research, says:

As more and more Kiwis at least attempt to live a vegetarian lifestyle, it will become increasingly important for a range of businesses – from supermarkets and their suppliers, to takeaway and fast food outlets – to understand this group.

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We predict that the number of vegetarians will continue to grow as compassionate New Zealanders decide not to support the cruelty of the meat industry and choose healthy plant-based meals instead.

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