Victory for Pigs in New Zealand!

Posted on by Nirali Shah

PETA Australia and our affiliate PETA US were shocked to find out that experimenters at the New Zealand government’s Institute of Environmental Science and Research, in collaboration with personnel from the University of Auckland and the University of Otago, conducted bloodstain-pattern experiments in which live pigs were tied down and shot in the head – in some cases, repeatedly and at close range – just to see how the blood spattered from the bullet wound.

Just days after the Associated Press broke the story and it was covered by The New Zealand Herald, The New York Times, the BBC and other influential media outlets and after many of you – our wonderful and concerned supporters – wrote to the facilities about the cruelty of these experiments, their inapplicability to humans and the availability of superior non-animal research methods, all three institutions announced that these experiments are done and that they will not pursue them again.

Stop using live pigs in trauma training!

Thank you to all those who wrote to the institutions asking them to ensure that animals will not fall victim to these violent shooting experiments again.

Pigs in other laboratories still need your help. Please ask the Australian Defence Force to stop using live pigs in trauma training in favour of humane and superior simulators.

Posted by Claire Fryer