VICTORY! Brisbane Ends Use of Animals in David Jones Christmas Parade

Posted on by PETA Australia

After numerous appeals from PETA, and public protests led by Animal Liberation Queensland and grassroots activists highlighting that live-animal displays are demonstrably cruel and can be dangerous to the public, David Jones confirmed that it will not use any animals, including deer, donkeys, and camels, in its annual Christmas parade through Brisbane’s central business district this year!

Christmas is anything but merry for animals who are exploited for nativity scenes, lighting ceremonies, and other holiday displays. Deer, who naturally shun human contact, endure a perpetual state of discomfort and stress at such events. They’re also often trucked from one event to the next and subjected to a constant barrage of strange noises and disruptive activity as humans try to touch them.

We applaud David Jones’ decision to exclude animals from this year’s event, and we’re calling on any other stores tempted to exhibit deer or any other animals in their parades to follow the company’s compassionate lead.

Holidays are a time for joy and kindness, but dragging prey animals through busy city streets and shopping centres day after day is cruel.

Animals are not Christmas decorations, and they should never suffer for human entertainment.