VICTORY! Victorian Government Bans Platypus Killer Traps

Posted on by PETA Australia

Just as companies such as Kmart, BCF and Anglers Warehouse announce plans to drop platypus-killing yabby traps from their stores, the Victorian Government has announced it will outlaw these traps by July 2019.

The news comes after almost 10,000 PETA supporters signed our online action.

In the past year, 14 platypuses have been found dead after having drowned in these traps – otherwise known as opera house nets – in Victoria’s public waters. Because of the “set-and-forget” nature of the devices, it’s estimated that several hundred more have died and remain unfound.

“Opera house nets have been placing our platypus population at risk,” says Minister for Agriculture Jaala Pulford.

Leaving the traps in public waterways is already illegal in Victoria, but the new laws will ensure the devices are outlawed on private land as well. PETA commends the Victorian Government on this decision that will spare countless animals an agonising death by drowning.

If you see one of these traps in a waterway, please report it. Reports can be made by calling Crimestoppers in your local area. Please be prepared to provide exact location details (GPS coordinates are ideal), a description of the trap and your contact details in case further information is required.

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Photo by Carles Rabada on Unsplash