Why Did PETA Barbecue a ‘Baby’?

Posted on by PETA Australia

Does the prospect of grilling a newborn repulse you? If so, please leave baby animals in peace and off your plate.

To encourage passers-by to consider whom they’re chowing down on, PETA’s “chef” has cooked a lifelike doll on a barbecue in Sydney’s Pitt Street Mall.

activists stand around a barbecue with a dollChrissie Hall

All Animals Are Someone’s Baby

Chickens are just 6 weeks old when they’re killed for their flesh, pigs are just 6 months old when they’re sent to gas chambers, and lambs are no older than 1 year when they’re taken from their mothers and subjected to horrible deaths in slaughterhouses. Then their body parts are tossed on barbecue grills across Australia.

They are all just babies, the same as humans in their capacity to feel fear and pain and their desire to live. It’s only prejudice based on species – known as “speciesism” – that allows humans to treat some animals as nothing more than objects.

A photo of pigs on an Australian farm.Animals Uncovered

It’s an uncomfortable truth to confront, but challenging the status quo so that we can move forward and change for the better as a society is never easy.

For the sake of humans and other animals alike, we must urgently make the connection between eating meat and animal suffering.

activists held a barbecue in Pitt Street MallChrissie Hall

Are you ready to embrace change?

Today, people can choose from so many delicious plant-based proteins readily available on supermarket shelves, instead of eating babies’ body parts.

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