Take PETA’s Bathtub Challenge

Many of us are in isolation right now, but we know we’re going to get through this soon enough. For dolphins and other animals held captive at Sea World and other marine abusement parks though, there is no end in sight.

They are listless, bored, stuck, and tired like many of us are right now but for their entire lives and with no physical, psychological, or emotional stimulation.  So how can we help them now? That’s where PETA’s Bathtub Challenge comes in.

How does it work?

Take a picture of yourself in your bath or shower, share it on your social media with an animal rights message and nominate three friends to do the same.


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Make sure to post your photo on your Instagram story/main feed post, include the hashtag #SeaWorldBathtubChallenge and tag @peta_australia so that we can see and share it. Then tag three friends in your post and challenge them to take part, too.

Here’s some example text you can use to get the message out there – though we of course encourage you to get creative and personalise it:

Message Text:

  • I’m calling out Sea World during quarantine because captive dolphins are stuck in tanks comparable to bathtubs ALL THE TIME. @peta_australia #SeaWorldBathtubChallenge
  • For dolphins in captivity at Sea World, quarantine is forever. They are ALWAYS living like this. @peta_australia #SeaWorldBathtubChallenge
  • Quarantine is nothing compared to confinement at Sea World. They are essentially stuck in tanks comparable to bathtubs 24/7! @peta_australia #SeaWorldBathtubChallenge
  • At least we’re not stuck in tanks like dolphins at Sea World. @peta_australia #SeaWorldBathtubChallenge

Challenge Text:

  • I’m asking @ACCOUNT to take the #SeaWorldBathtubChallenge!
  • @ACCOUNT take the #SeaWorldBathtubChallenge! next!

Anything else?

That’s it. It’s that easy. All we ask now is that you have fun with it! We can’t wait to see what you come up with and will be sure to share the posts on our own social media accounts to spread the word about dolphins imprisoned in abusement marine parks.