Don’t Let Levi’s Get Away With This

Levi’s claims to be an eco-conscious company founded on empathy. But there’s absolutely nothing kind or eco-friendly about the leather patches that it puts on its jeans.

Cows in the leather industry are routinely beaten, mutilated, slaughtered, and skinned – sometimes while they’re still alive – just so that their skin can end up as a patch on jeans. Levi’s already uses many vegan patches, but the company STILL REFUSES to stop fuelling the cruel leather trade.

Today is Levi’s annual meeting, and we’re calling on compassionate people like you to take a stand with PETA, our international affiliates, and countless other animal rights activists in demanding that Levi’s stop using animal parts.

Here’s how to take action:

  • Post this photo on your personal social media pages with the caption below:

Image shows a cow being branded,

Hey, @Levis, let cows keep their skin. #RejectLeather patches!

  • Contact Levi’s directly at [email protected] and politely urge the company to stop using cruel leather patches.
  • Leave a comment on Levi’s social media pages, spreading the word that cows are suffering for leather.

Here are some talking points:

    • Animal leather often comes from cows who endure confinement, extreme crowding, disease, and food and water deprivation. Painful mutilations – such as branding, tail-docking, and castration – are all commonly performed on them without painkillers, and they’re transported hundreds of kilometres from feedlots to abattoirs, where many are skinned while still alive.
    • Animal leather has at least three times the negative environmental impact as most vegan leather. The most effective way to reduce Levi’s impact on the environment is to use only animal-free materials. If you’re truly committed to empathy and sustainability, please align your beliefs with your business practices and make the switch to vegan leather patches today.