NSW’s Inquiry Into Mulesing and Other Forms of Cruelty to Animals – Let’s Make History

New South Wales has established an inquiry into a proposed bill – the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Amendment (Restrictions on Stock Animal Procedures) Bill 2019 – that would stop mulesing by 2022 and, in the meantime, mandate that pain relief be given to sheep who are subjected to it. If passed, this bill would also ensure that sheep and other animals receive pain relief during earmarking, branding, castration, dehorning, and tail-docking.

If passed, this bill would spare lambs – 6 million of whom are mulesed every year in NSW alone – a great deal of suffering.

Will you take 10 minutes right now to speak up for animals by responding to the inquiry?

Here’s the link to submit your views.

If you’re not sure how to answer these questions, we’ve prepared some suggestions here:

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    The bill in question seeks to phase out mulesing, a horrible procedure in which lambs’ legs are restrained between metal bars and chunks of flesh are cut off their backside with shears, sometimes without any pain relief.Not only is this mutilation extremely painful for sheep, the bloody wounds it creates can also take several weeks to heal and the area can become prone to flystrike – the exact problem mulesing is supposed to prevent. Mulesing is an archaic, crude tradition which has no place in modern farming. Australia is the only country in the world that does this to sheep. New Zealand made the practice illegal in 2018. Many fashion labels – including H&M, Perry Ellis, HUGO BOSS, Adidas, Country Road, and David Jones – have already banned or are in the process of banning wool from lambs who’ve been mulesed.This legislation is necessary in order to keep up with international animal welfare standards and consumer demands. Mulesing hurts not only sheep but also Australia’s international reputation.
  1. Do you have any other comments on the bill? (max 250 words)
    This bill also seeks to introduce mandatory pain relief for animals during earmarking, branding, castration, dehorning, and tail-docking. It’s well recognised that animals feel pain, so to subject them to such procedures without providing them with any pain relief is truly barbaric. Reducing their pain really is the very least that can be done.

This is our chance to make a lasting difference for animals. The consultation closes on 31 July, so please be sure to speak up before then.


You can also support the bill by using this form to write to the minister for agriculture in New South Wales, and if you’re a NSW resident, you can write to your MP here.