NSW’s Inquiry Into Puppy Farms – Let’s Make History

UPDATE 7 March: This inquiry has now closed. 

New South Wales (NSW) has commenced an inquiry into puppy farming. This could be the first step on the path towards shutting down an industry that uses mother dogs as breeding machines until their bodies break down, confines them without socialisation or adequate veterinary care, and churns out hundreds of thousands of puppies every year into a world already bursting at the seams with homeless animals.

But we need your help to make sure it happens.

The NSW government wants your views on the issue and has opened a portal for people to have their say on the matter. It’s vital that we make sure politicians get the message that all compassionate people are against puppy farming.

Will you take 10 minutes right now to speak up for animals by responding to the inquiry?

Here’s the link to submit your views.

If you’re not sure how to answer each question, we’ve prepared some suggested responses here:


PETA is also making a separate submission based on the inquiry’s “Terms of Reference”. If you want to do this also, there are two ways to make a submission:

  1. Upload it onto the Parliament of New South Wales website here.
  2. Email it to [email protected]

This is an important opportunity to make a lasting difference for dogs. The consultation closes on 6 March 2022, so please make sure your voice is heard before then.